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Wire and Modular Belting

Conveyor Flat Wire

Flat Wire belting offers a flat conveying surface with a maximum open area for free air flow or water drainage.

These belts consist of precision formed pickets joined by straight connector rods and are divided into two classes, standard weight and heavy duty. Both classes include 1 x 1, ½ x 1, and modified ½ x 1 mesh designations, while a true ½ x ½ construction is available in standard weight. Flat Wire belts can be friction driven for optimal strength or sprocket-driven for optimal tracking. Flat Wire belts can be manufactured from a variety of materials.

ERIKS can offer a fatigue resistant wire belting that enables longer belt life for high tension, high speed spiral systems or demanding turn-curve applications. We also have a positive engagement sprocket system that provides more production output, is less expensive with lower maintenance costs and has a longer belt life than pin roll drives.
Conveyor Flat Wire

We also have a variety of precision-formed balanced weave meshes provide various opening sizes for proper product support or airflow. Together with its drive components, sprockets, filler rolls and support bearings, Cleatrac is a positive drive belt that provides true tracking without a costly chain edge construction. Close product transfers are possible because belt tension is kept to a minimum.

The Cleatrac Belt Sprocket System is true tracking with positive sprocket engagement through the precision-formed mesh, even as process temperatures fluctuate. This positive drive system is less expensive and provides more production output, lower maintenance costs, improved product quality, and longer belt life than pin roll drives.

To prevent product misorientation and damage, the Cleatrac Belt & Sprocket System smoothly moves around the industry's smallest nose bar diameters (down to 0.20in/5.1mm). These tight transfers reduce processing cost by minimizing product loss.
Conveyor Modular Belts

ERIKS also offers a range of modular belting designed specifically for use in food contact applications where sanitation is critical. Its advantages include special cleaning channels, a more open hinge area and rounded edges that enhance cleanability and reduce pathogen danger zones.
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