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Water Ingress

Thermal Image of damp ceiling at height

Water Ingress Thermographic Survey

Normal Picture of ceiling with Water Ingress

Thermal imaging can be not only be used to find cold air ingress but also water ingress. Water ingress can be severely damaging to your building and create unpleasant working conditions.

The above image shows the internal effect of water ingress from a flat roof. The visual image shows slight staining and peeling of paint work. The roof had water ingress under the roofing material, which slowly seeped into the building. Thermal imaging picked up the areas on the roof which retained water and cost effective remedial work was carried out,
rather than having the whole roof repaired.
Water Ingress next to Pipe Thermal and Normal Image
Blocked or damaged guttering can have a serious effect on the condition of the building. The above thermal image clearly shows water ingress around the incoming drainpipe and the extent of the damage. The guttering was cleared and the pipe-work was unblocked, which returned the drainage system to full working order.
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