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Turbo Generator Rotors Repairs

Engineer Repairing Turbo Generator Rotors

Turbo Generator Rotor Windings Being Repaired

Turbo Generator Rotors Repaired and Tested

Turbo Generator Rotor Repair refurbishment and rewind of Turbo Generator Rotors of all types and designs. The Turbo Generator Rotor Repair Service includes:
  • The removal of the turbo generator rotor end bells and steel wedges from the turbo generator rotor body, utilising a temperature controlled electrical and mechanical process.
  • The end bells will then be tested ultrasonically to determine their long term fitness for use and reinsulated with Class H or C insulations.
  • Windings can be cleaned to remove carbon and other contaminants and damaged insulations and blocking supports can be repaired or replaced.
  • Total windings can be removed and replaced with annealed insulated copper conductors. Insulated with purpose designed Class H or C system of high mechanical strength designed to withstand the centrfugal forces of over 3000RPM on the windings.
  • Diagnostic testing at all stages of the processing.
  • Final turbo generator rotor testing static and at speed.
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