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Traction Motor Repairs

Field Coil for DC Stator

 Traction Motor Interpole

 Traction Motor Interpole coils

  • Traction Motor Repair and Rewind are undertaken on the complete range of traction equipment used within the industry at home and abroad.
  • Insulation Specification All of our insulation specifications for traction motors / machines are Class H and designed to meet the most serious environmental conditions after being processed through our impregnation plant.
  • Components All of the components of a traction motor repair will either be repaired or manufactured to the same high standard including:
    • Field coils
    • Shunt coils
    • Interpoles
    • Armature coils
    • Commutators
  • Repair Quality Standards Each completed traction motor repair will be inspected and tested in accordance with British International Test Standards and ERIKS Quality Standards to ISO9001:2000.
Coils being fitted to a motor
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