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Fenner Drive Designer

Synchronous Belt Drives

Fenner TDP3

Do You Speak Fenner? Let's Torque Synchronous Belts!

Offering high power transmission combined with accurate positioning in a compact drive envelope, Fenner synchronous drives continue to push out performance boundaries utilising the latest materials and production technologies.

Upgrade from Chain Drives to Belt Drives! It's as Easy as 1, 2, FREE!

1. Determine your drive requirements to replace existing chain, or determine requirements for new Fenner TDP3 synchronous belt drive.

2. Use the Fenner Drive Design Selector:
Chain V Synchronous Drive

Benefits of Making the Switch

  • FREE from the noise associated with chain drives
  • FREE from maintenance; no wear elongation, no need for regular adjustment
  • FREEfrom lubrication costs and oil contamination of machine or product
  • FREEfrom the space limitations associated with traditional synchronous belt drives
  • FREE extended service life, Fenner TDP3 synchronous belts offer up to twice the normal service life compared to roller chain drives.

Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3 Features:

  • The highest power rating for rubber/glassfibre belts
  • Enhanced compounding and glassfibre cord excel in highly dynamic applications
  • Minimum backlash for precise positioning
  • Ultra compact and cost effective drives
  • Polyamide facing layer reduces noise and belt tooth wear
  • Runs optimally on standard HTD pulleys
  • Fully approved by all international standards
  • ISO 13050 (International Standards Organisation)

For more information on Fenner Synchronous Belts and Torque Drive PLUS 3, please contact your ERIKS representative.
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