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Split Roller Bearings

Quarry Split Roller Bearing

Split Roller Bearing

In the modern quarrying industry, reliability, simplicity and ease of bearing change are much desired. SRB bearings feature larger diameter, longer and profiled rolling elements. This gives the user increased load carrying capacity and reduces the effects of roller edge stressing, which in the medium term often contribute to premature bearing failure.

Further benefits are derived from the use, as standard, of a machined brass cage. This eliminates the tendency for rolling elements to drop out of dye cast aluminium cages during routine inspection. The cage design allows for full utilisation of the bearing component heat treatment and therefore operation at temperatures of up to 140 degrees C. This is ideal for machinery in close proximity to asphalt plant.

A variety of sealing solutions is available and the machined face of the housing allows for the use of additional seal carriers ideal in washing plant where ingress of water often degrades bearing reliability. SRB is also the first split cylindrical roller bearing assembly to be interchangeable with standard SN and SD series plummer blocks.
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