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Selecting the Right Wheel for the Job

Castor Wheel

Rubber Wheel


At ERIKS, we utilise the vast range of wheels, our in-house support team has available to offer tailored solutions to solve all application problems.

Care must be taken to select the correct wheel for its intended application and the requirements of the castor system. One important factor is the ability to withstand load stress. As a general rule hard wheel materials can withstand a heavier load than soft wheel materials. Soft wheels should be used when shock absorption is required, as they will transmit less thrust stresses when running on uneven ground. Further environmental influences must be taken into account, e.g. operating temperatures, cleaning regime, atmospheric influences.

Ground conditions, tyre type, total weight and wheel bearing type all affect starting resistance and therefore influence the castor manoeuvrability.

Each one of our Service Centres has access to computer aided reference searches and can find by description as well as part number. In addition, all the major manufacturers' part numbers are cross-referenced in our system to enable us to provide a speedy response to enquiries.
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