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Renold Smartlink

Smartlink™ can help you in different ways. With a tiny microprocessor attached to the side plate, the unit can detect the stresses experienced by the chain as it travels through your machine.

Level 1

Acting as an overload detector and controlled with a small infra-red remote control unit, the system can indicate when your chain exceeds a pre-determined load. This gives you the warning you need to inspect the system and ensure that it is safe to continue running the machine. Smartlink™ gives you the ability to reset the alarm condition using the remote control.

Level 2

To understand more about the working loads being applied to the chain drive there is a second level of diagnostics that Smartlink™ can provide. Using a handheld receiver, more detailed information about the development of the load can be downloaded to the receiver and then to a Windows-based PC. This data can be analysed to determine which location points in the chain drive are experiencing problems.

Level 3

In situations of extreme loadings or if safety is a key factor Renold can also work in partnership with companies to resolve on-going problems. Having already helped major companies around the world including skid steer vehicles, agricultural machinery, materials handling at ports and leisure rides at theme parks, Renold Smartlink™ represents a groundbreaking opportunity to fully understand the way chain is affected by forces that may not be immediately evident.

Anywhere that chain is difficult to reach manually; Smartlink™ gets there and reports back with its infra-red connection and handheld controllers.
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