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Renold Corrosion Resistant Chain

Renold Hydro-Service chain delivers superior corrosion resistance, lasting as much as 30 times longer than standard carbon steel in applications that have to deal with water or salt spray. It is ideal for wash-down environments. Hydro-Service chain is also more economical and stronger, than stainless steel.

Each component is mechanically treated prior to assembly to ensure consistent, secure protection. The surface treatment is free of hexavalent chrome, complying with legislation relating to environmental and health and safety considerations.
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Last as much as 30 times longer than standard carbon steel
  • Hexavalent chrome free
  • 350 hours corrosion protection during salt spray tests to DIN 50021
  • Cold extruded, solid bush and roller delivering maximum Renold performance
  • Plates and rollers shot peened to our exact specifications
  • Wear and fatigue resistance that delivers maximum working life
  • Lubrication that improves wear performance

  • Water treatment plants
  • Marine/offshore
  • Cold Stores
  • Wash down
Stainless Steel Chain
Renold Stainless Steel chain is made from high grades of austenitic rust-proof steel. These perfor extremely well in environments that are acidic, alkaline, where direct contact with food is a consideration, where the chain will be exposed to water, and for very high or very low temperature locations (-40° to +400°C) where resistance to corrosion is a requirement.

Renold Stainless Steel chain should be selected when resistance to chemical action is critical. It is manufacture using FDA approved material and is prelubricated with USDA H1 approved lubricant.
  • All components made from austenitic rust-proof steel
  • All components receive surface finishing to remove stress raisers
  • Lubrication that improves wear performance
  • Tensile strength is approximately 65% that of standard carbon steel chain.

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