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The Renewable Industry generates approximately 18% of total electricity consumption and spans a variety of generation methods, from Photovoltaic, Wind, Rain, Tidal and Geothermal. With this industry set to grow exponentially the potential is vast, with businesses needing to be able to develop more reliable methods whilst implementing ever changing technology.

Renewable Energy

The industry faces a number of challenges and pressures, from political agenda to meet renewable energy targets to planning permissions for wind farms, ERIKS has a wealth of experience in this industry, and are able to fulfil not only a maintenance supply partner role but also the role of industry expert. We understand from transactional history that it is important to analyse the lessons learnt moving forward, including solutions for unreliability and grid problems.

ERIKS provide root cause analysis on failures and condition monitoring, allowing us to develop a plan for timely treatment and repair to avoid costly breakdowns. From a product perspective, ERIKS understands that precision parts are a necessity, which is why we work with the worlds leading suppliers, including SKF who manufacture precision bearings for wind turbines.

Health and safety is another pressure for this industry, with issues such as wind power access. ERIKS have a range of solutions and products to assist you with your health and safety requirements and you can be sure that we develop all our products with health and safety in mind.

Our experienced engineers allow us to plug the gap on a shortage of skilled people in the industry. From advise and engineering experience to specialist products and service solutions, ERIKS has the know how to make a difference to your organisation.
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