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Pressed and Fabricated Steel Castors

Pressed Steel Castor

Fabricated Castor

Special Application Castor

Castors can be identified in three separate categories, Pressed Steel Castors, Fabricated Steel Castors and Special Application Castors. To ensure you make a clear identification of the product you need, we have clearly defined the three main types.

Pressed Steel Castors

usually have a swivel head bearing of either a single or double ball race construction. The balls run in tracks formed in the top plate and fork pressings that are then secured together by a heavy duty riveted steel kingpin.

Fabricated Steel Castors

are precision machined from heavy steel forgings and have swivel head bearings of ball races, taper bearings or a combination of both. The forks are securely welded to the swivel head forging resulting in a very strong construction suitable for extra heavy loads.

Special Application Castors

everything from high temperature to low level and from furniture to freight containers.
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