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Avoid costly port fines with a maintenance partner you can rely on

Every ship that comes into port is an opportunity for profit - or problems. Trouble-free unloading or loading means a financially successful outcome, but delays due to equipment breakdowns can lead to hefty financial penalties. So you need machinery - and a maintenance partner - you can rely on.
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ERIKS' Expertise

ERIKS' experience encompasses all kinds of port infrastructure and equipment, at ports all around the country, handling every type of cargo. Whether your port is handling dry bulk or wet bulk cargoes, passengers (including ro-ro) or containers, ERIKS has the expertise and skills you need.

Solutions For Every Situation

ERIKS can help you to improve your performance - and your probability - by offering you innovative solutions to increase the speed and efficiency of your operations. Finally, ERIKS can reduce your costs by helping you to realise operational savings - from faster cargo handling, energy savings and store management - we have a solution for every situation.

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