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Poor Connection

Motor Thermal ImageMotor pictured behind a safety cage

Poor Connection Thermographic Survey

As part of an ongoing CBM Condition Based Monitoring Project, ERIKS were called in to carry out a thermographic survey at a large UK manufacturer. As part of the survey the Engineer found that an in feed motor was running hot, through the guarding. This was later diagnosed to be the forced cooling fan not operating due to the contactor not being pulled in by the PLC. This was rectified saving the motor from complete failure.
Photo of a distribution cabinetCabinet Thermal Image showing a fault
A More serious issue was highlighted at the Substation Transformer. The Thermographic Survey showed that there was a Hot-Spot on the front of the transformer enclosure. The Transformer feeds a large section of the Mill Plant. On inspection of the transformer, a serious connection fault had occured, at the interface between the output transformer & LV boardcopper bus-bars.
Bus-Bar BeforeBus-Bar After
The plant had now got to run at a reduced load for 24 hours. Materials where fabricated and installed on the Friday morning, by mid day the transformer was put back into operation and the Mill could now run at full capacity. This has highlighted to the customer that Thermography is a valid CBM requirement for their plant and equipment.
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