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Online Condition Monitoring Webwatch

Online Condition Monitoring

The first challenge with condition monitoring is not "what's the best method of monitoring vibration" but "what's the best method of selecting the best method?" One way to be sure of making the right choice is to work with a trusted supplier with a broad overview of the market, such as ERIKS.

ERIKS uses systems from all five of the leading manufacturers of vibration data collection and analysis equipment and software, and has contact with all the leading accelerometer and transducer manufacturers. We also have qualified and experienced technicians to ISO18436, and adhere to the BINDT code of ethics.

All this means we can make an honest, unbiased, genuine value-for-money judgement on selecting the best method for your application - one that's not only correct for today's environment but also for your future plans and aspirations.

What's more, ERIKS' Condition Monitoring expertise is not simply theoretical, or even just based on what has been learned from working with customers. ERIKS has installed its own online monitoring system at Revolvo - ERIKS' bearing manufacturing premises in Dudley - which is fully web-enabled and can be viewed via an internet portal, as well as enabling remote analysis of the machine by ERIKS technicians if an alarm is triggered.

To establish this online monitoring system ERIKS has partnered with various companies. When applying the system to customers' machinery, ERIKS will treat each system as a unique project, making sure that the best, most cost-effective solution is offered. However, what they will all have in common is the understanding that condition monitoring is only as good as the data, and that maximum plant uptime requires permanent data monitoring.

The grinding machine being monitored at Revolvo has a standard 415V inverter-supplied motor belt, driving a grinding head that can have various sized wheels fitted and runs at variable speeds. This causes issues, since vibration and bearing condition alarm levels and defect frequencies alter with speed.

ERIKS chose to use IFM Octavis VSE100 with Hansford Sensors' accelerometers, through an ERIKS-built converter. Working with Graphite Energy, ERIKS then created Machine WebWatch as a customisable dashboard, with direct access to the VSE100 for ERIKS' condition monitoring technicians, via a secure VPN connection.

On the machine itself, red, yellow and green bulbs display its current status. The VSE100's internal software (programmed by ERIKS) is used to determine whether the machine is in alarm and to generate an alarm if required.

The customer viewing point for the data is the online hosted Machine WebWatch, which also transmits alerts by SMS or email.

From here the customer can see how the machines are performing, via the configurable screens, which can be as simple as a set of lights or as a detailed as an analysis of the defect and the corrective action required.

ERIKS technicians can use Machine WebWatch as a portal to enter the VSE100 and further analyse or alter the configuration of the analytical setup, without the need to visit the site.
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