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Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis

Any machine that uses oil as a lubricant, insulator or power medium can have their condition monitored by taking periodic samples of that oil for Oil Analysis.

Oil Analysis in Bearings and Gearboxes

Lubrication oils used in gearboxes and bearings are tested for moisture, changes in viscosity, contamination and wear components. The presence and identification of wear particles can not only give indication that the unit has worn but which part has worn.

Monitoring the condition of the lubricant in gearboxes has an advantage over vibration analysis on slower speed items. Vibration on slow speed shafts is very time consuming and very difficult due to the duration of a ´pulse´ or ´knock´ with respect to the time taken for a shaft to rotate. The debris in lubrication oil will be from all the shafts in the drive train that share that oil and therefore has no bias towards speed. When you put the two technologies together you get a wonderful overview of the condition of the machine.

Oil Analysis Report

Oil Analysis in Transformers and Switchgear

Electrical oils used in transformers and switch-gear are tested for electrolytic strength, water content, acidity and discolouration, regular sampling can again give early warning of a critical failure and also give causes for the impending failure.

Once found, a fault may be rectified by ERIKS´s own transformer filtration equipment, which can cleanse an oil on-site without having to remove the transformer.

Electrical switchgear oil is monitored regular by ERIKS under a switchgear maintenance contract whereby ERIKS carry out all routine switchgear maintenance required under statutory regulations.

Oil Analysis in Hydraulic and Fluid Power Systems

The efficiency of hydraulic oil is critical to any fluid power system as all the force is exerted using the oil. If the oil is not fit for the purpose then the equipment will not function in an efficient manner. Debris will damage the pump impellor, filters and cylinders, this further damage will cause further debris and more damage.

Advice on selecting the correct filter, cylinders or oil for any application can be found within the ERIKS Fluid Power Division, which has its own laboratory and team of technicians.
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