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Motor Management / Asset Management

Asset Management

Customer Extranet

Motor Management, Hosecare, Filtercare, Valvecare

  • A highly configurable motor management application that currently supports the Electro Mechanical Services Motor Management and Automotive Business Divisions within ERIKS.
  • The Paragon asset tracking / motor management system can be configured to detail complex assets and location structures, with the ability of managing the repairs for individual customers.
  • The ability to store information of where assets are and what the asset is, detailing all the physical attributes of an asset.
  • For instance when tracking motor assets we are able to determine how many 1.5kw, 1500RPM, foot mounted, 2 phase Brook Compton type motors we have and where they are located and how many we have spare in stores.
  • The motor managament system will also record repairs of each asset and relevant information of what failed, how often it fails, and what precautions to take to prevent future failure. Highlighting specific problems, which have caused it to fail.
  • For instance whether the failure was due to installation specific problems or due a poor cyclic motor maintenance plan. The Motor Management system allows us to produce a wide range of statistics, which will improve the life cycle of maintained assets.
  • Backed up with a motor management customer extranet, for visibility 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year
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