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Motor Efficiency and the Total Cost of Ownership

It has been found that 20% of the UK's total energy consumption comes from electric motors and a massive 65% of the UK's industrial consumption is from electric motors. Showing just how major this issue is for the environment. Energy efficiency in motors is a significant way in which industrial companies can save huge amounts of money and energy.
Energy efficiency graph

Energy efficiency graph 2
We, at ERIKS, look to be sustainable in everything we do through our Planet+ initiative. One part of the initiative is ‘positive energy reduction’ which we strive to do throughout our company and assist our customers in doing the same, with the implementation of best practice across a wide range of applications with the introduction of IE3 motors or Variable Speed Drives to decrease energy wastage and in turn reduce running costs.

With the Government now implementing more legislation about the efficiency of motors, companies have to become increasingly savvier, understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your motor is one of the ways in which companies can do this.

ERIKS Solution, Our Commitment to Saving You Money

Around 97% of a motor’s Total Cost of Ownership comes from the running costs and only 2% is the actual purchasing cost, with the remaining 1% spent on maintenance costs. This reveals just how important evaluating a motor’s TCO is. ERIKS has developed a tool called the TCO Calculator, where it can easily be determined what the true cost of ownership is, comparing a motor repaired, an IE2 and an IE3.

The benefits of the TCO Calculator are:

  • Web based application
  • Un-biased recommendation
  • Results based on current conditions and life cycle cost
  • Clear comparisons of repair and replace options

    To try out the TCO Calculator for yourself click here

    Take a look at this video, to find out what understanding TCO meant for one of our customers:
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