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Lubrication Innovations and New Products

At ERIKS, innovation is core to our business.  Innovation is what makes ERIKS and our customers stand out from the crowd. 

We are focused on bringing innovation to our customers business and processes to ensure:- Reduced costs, lower maintenance, enhanced reliability, increased productivity, improved competitiveness, better returns, and greater customer satisfaction, combining to create change and maximum value.

The right lubricants, optimised lubrication regimes and efficient delivery methods mean you can run faster, longer, safer and more efficiently meaning a real difference to your bottom line.

We pick out the best innovations, solutions and new products from the broadest supply base then combine and apply them when and where they are most suited.

Check here for new products and innovations and talk to us about applying them to your applications.

OKS Chronolube

Chronolube System

OKS ChronoLube including automatic relubrication

ChronoLube is the ideal combination of OKS speciality lubricants with an electromechanical lubricator. This enables the automatic supply of lubricating points with oils and greases. In the dosage required and at the right time without under or over lubrication. Simply install the ChronoLube Drive together with the suitable ChronoLube cartridge at the lubricating point and set the dispensing time in accordance with your requirements.

OKS 480

OKS 480 Waterproof High-Pressure Grease

The new OKS 480 is a fully synthetic bearing grease for application in the entire food processing technology. The NSF-H1-registered lubricating grease is suitable in particular for use under critical operating conditions — under high water influence, contact with cleaners and disinfectants, high pressures, high loads and high temperatures.

OKS 2670

OKS 2670/2671 Intensive cleaner for the food industry

OKS 2670 is a highly effective, NSF K1 and K3 registered intensive cleaner for use in the food industry is suitable for cleaning of bearings and machine parts and the removal of aged and oil and grease residues. In addition, the cleaner can be used for dissolving silicone and adhesive residues as well as for the preparation of adhesive surfaces. Under the name of OKS 2671 the product is as practical spray solution available for hard to reach places.

OKS 2681

OKS 2681 Adhesive and Paint Remover

The OKS 2681 is for removing persistent residues such as residues of sealants, paints, and adhesives, bitumen and tar splashes. Applicable to surfaces of metal, stainless steel, glass, wood, ceramics. Good washable with water after use. Low effect on the climate. Applicable in industry, trade and workshops.  Click for more...

OKS 3520

OKS 3520 Extreme-Temperature Oil, light-coloured, synthetic

OKS 3520 is a fully synthetic extreme temperature oil. Excellent wear protection at extremely high operating temperatures. Long period of use through high oxidation stability and minimal evaporation losses at temperatures up to 280°C. For the lubrication of chains, hinges, slideways and clamping and drying frames in conveying systems, painting, stoving and drying installations. 

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