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Keyless Bushing

Trantorque GT

Trantorque GT

Keyless Bushing Trantorque GT is the solution to the problems of keyed mountings - ideal for critical timing and high-torque applications. Trantorque GT is a single-nut locking bushing with interlocking components that ensure positive release.

Easy to install, Keyless Bushing Trantorque GT requires no special machining or cutting of keyways. It can be easily adjusted or removed, and allows the kind of infinite positioning that's critical for precise timing and synchronisation.

Because it functions as a keyless mechanical shrink fit, there is no movement between the holding device and the shaft, thus eliminating the problems of fretting corrosion, backlash and key wallowing.

Keyless Bushing - Trantorque GT is a three-piece bushing consisting of an inner collet-like element, an outer sleeve and a nut that controls them. The inner and outer elements have matching, opposite tapers. As a result, when the nut is turned, the unit expands within the component and contracts onto the shaft, offering high torque ratings and excellent concentricity - within 0,025mm FIM.
Trantorque GT Drawing

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