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Insulation Heat Loss

Insulation Heat Loss Thermographic Survey

It costs money to heat up your work / living space, so when you can see heat escaping from your building, you might as well see £ notes. Whether cool air is being drawn in or heat escaping, thermal imaging can give you an instant picture of heat loss.

Heat loss related to insulation.

Insulation Heat Loss
Incorrectly fitted or missing insulation will have a cooling effect on a building. The above image shows how far the cool air has penetrated the room due to missing insulation. This was a new hotel and the remedial work was carried out free of charge, under warranty.
Installing or replacing missing insulation is a cost effective way of reducing your energy bills.

Heat Loss through Ventilation

Ventilation Heat Loss
To maintain a healthy environment, some ventilation is required. Excessive ventilation is a waste. The above thermal image shows heat loss around the door, wall and within the building construction. Thermal imaging can clearly show you where your heated air is escaping and what areas require the most attention. Simply replacing the door seal will have a dramatic effect on heat loss.
Thermal imaging can also be used to find hot air ingress in areas where cooling is essential. From cool server rooms, to refrigeration plant, the cooling of that particular area costs money. If you have any foreign heat source, you will use more energy to maintain the cooler temperature. Again, wasted energy.
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