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Head Protection

When you think of head protection you almost always think of a safety helmet to protect you protecting from falling objects, but head protection encompasses many other products and solutions.

For example, your employees may need to be protected from bumping against solid, hard objects - so a bump cap may be a better option for their job role. ERIKS also provide a range of disposable products (hairnets and caps) which are essential in environments where hygiene and protection of the finished product is essential.

Included in our PPE Catalogue are:
  • Safety helmets
  • Safety helmet accessories
  • Head and helmet lamps
  • Disposable head protection

PPE Headgear logos

Whatever the solution you require, not only does it have to meet strict quality regulations but also provide the user with a level of comfort— after all safety head protection will only ever be worn throughout the day if its comfortable, it only take a second for a serious head injury to occcur, so allowing the excuse of uncomfortable or badly fitting head protection can cost you £000’s if the worst was to happen.

The following European standards apply to our range of safety helmets and bump caps:
  • EN 397 Safety helmets
  • EN 812 Bump caps
  • EN 50365 Insulating helmets for low voltage installations (1500V DC or 1000V AC)
  • EN 12492 — Helmets for moutaineers

    Lifespan of a protective helmet
    Did you know that all safety helmets are dated and many have a life expectancy? As a general guide, indsutrial safety helmets should be replaced three years after manufacture, but always check with the manufacturer. When purchasing always enquire how long helmets have been sitting on your suppliers shelf, you don’t want something that could be nearing its useful shelf life.

    Never continue to use a safety helmet if it has already sustained a bump, you cannot be sure what underlying problems the hat may have regardless of appearance, and therefore may not provide the correct protection endangering the user.

    Protective headgear personalisation
    At ERIKS we can also assist you in personalising your protective headgear. Depending on the type, your company logo can be embroidered or printed on the front, side or rear. More information can be obtained from your local ERIKS service centre.

    Available from ERIKS
  • Centurion Helmet Petzl Headlamp 170

    Centurion Spectrum Safety Helmet
    An integrated safety helmet with overspecs available in a number of colours and styles. Featuring Centurion's innovative AquaDirect rain manage system which effectively channels the flow of water.

    Petzl Headlamp PIXA 3R
    The PIXA 3 headlamp is the hands free lighting solution that adapts to any situation encountered, with 3 lighting modes it can be used for close range work, long-range vision or used on the move all with convenience of a rechargeable battery. It may be worn on a helmet or placed on the ground either way it provides consistent, stable lighting performance.
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