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Hand and Arm Protection

As many working tools we may have at our disposal, our arms and hands still make up the most important, essential working tool we have, therefore our hands and arms deserve the correct protection. During everyday activities all parts of the hands are exposed to risks such as cuts and burns, chemical etc.

Most accidents happen in the workplace, without adequate protection both small and bug injuries can have serious impact, both professionally and socially. By providing attention to the various dangers in the workplace and the provision of the right glove for different applications helps reduce risks to a minimum.

Make the right choice
The assortment of gloves is very wide and for each application there is a specific glove. It is an art to make the right section from the range, a selection that is both applications orientated as well as commercially justifiable.

The material from which the glove is made plays an essential part in the determination of the possible applications. The comfort of the user in this case is also decisive because certain materials are, after all, better suited for finer work and other materials offer better protection.

Included in our PPE Catalogue are:
  • Precision handling/general use gloves
  • Cut resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Anti-vibration, shock resistant
  • Cold insulating
  • Welding
  • Special use
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • PVC
  • Disposables
  • Accessories
  • PPE Hand Protection Logos

    General Requirements for Protective Gloves
    All gloves are divided into 3 categories by the European guideline 89/686/EEC.

    Category 1: Gloves of simple design — exclusively for minimum risks
    For gloves of simple design that offer protection against limited risk, such as household gloves, and the manufacturers themselves are allowed to test and certify the gloves.

    Category 2: Gloves of intermediate design — for intermediate risks
    These gloves, such as e.g. for general manipulative techniques with good cut-, perforation- and abrasive resistance, must be tested and certified by an approved inspection organisation. These gloves may not be sold without the CE marking.

    Category 3: Gloves of Complex Design — for irreversible or fatal risks
    These gloves have been designed to provide protection against greatest risks, e.g. chemicals, they must also be tested and certified by an approved inspection organisation. In addition, the system for quality control that the manufacturer uses to guarantee the uniformity of the production, must be inspected separately. The organisation that carries out this inspection is identified by a number that must be mentioned next to the CE marking.

    More details on the regulations can be found inside the PPE catalogue, including details on how to correctly size your gloves.

    Available from ERIKS
    RX Dyneema Polyco Tremor-LOw

    RX Dyneema Safe3 Gloves
    The RX Dyneema Safe4 is a seamless knitted glove made with genuine Dyneema™ complete with polyurethane coating. The seamless construction provides an exceptional level of comfort, whilst the open back style allows excellent breathability and provide excellent resistance to cut, abrasion and tear. Click here for more information.

    Polyco Tremor-Low SZ10
    The Tremor-Low glove from Polyco consists of a foamed neoprene coating that is formed into a series of ridges all over the palm and fingers to produce an anti-impact, vibration absorbing surface.
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