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Hand Tools

Stanley knife

Hand Tools by definition include, knives, screwdrivers, pliers and storage solutions.

Our more comprehensive range of hand tools include painting tools, measuring tapes, tool boxes, hammers, punches, files, hacksaws, pliers and wrenches, spanners and sockets.
Stock in our range includes handtools for a huge variety of jobs.

We have a wide selection of woodworking hand tools from leading suppliers including saws, chisels, clamps and hammers for the most comprehensive workshop.

By working closely with our suppliers, we now offer multi-purpose hand tool knives including features such as new wedge designs that confidently hold blades firmly when using in heavy-duty applications, spring back and retractable characteristics for a multitude of uses.

We now offer the latest in key feature screwdrivers that have the handle moulded direct to the chrome vanadium steel bar. This creates a virtually unbreakable bond ensuring extended hand tool life.

Screwdriver sets competitively priced offer a more practical solution to job diversity. All individual screwdrivers in our sets are uniquely featured with the same standard characteristics and colour coded for easy identification.
Red Stanley knife

For diverse professional jobs we stock pliers, spanners and wrenches, as well as cutting tools such as bolt croppers and tile cutters. Our new range of locking pliers, feature mole grips with pull style pinch free one-handed release leaver. This unique combination also boasts forged and machined jaws for strength that are chrome plated for corrosion resistance.

The new sandflex blade, combines extreme cutting performance and wear resistance with a degree of flexibility and is vastly superior to all hard high-speed blades or conventional, flexible blades.

When it comes to storage requirements, we are confident you will find what you need first time, every time. We stock simple, adaptable small parts storage in a range of sizes and colours, compatible with most louvre forms and supplied with label strips. Key features across our range include a rigid design with reinforced sides and flat base, manufactured from high density materials and resistant to most acids, alkalis, grease and oils and tolerant of shock, and temperature variances

We have fully complemented our hand tool series by ensuring we have multiple brand choices in each of the products we sell. This extends from our customers' markets to their products and applications, and from customisation to logistics and infrastructure. And it makes a difference you can see.

To request a copy of our tools and maintenance catalogue, click here or call your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.
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