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Guidelines to Model Selection

Model 3 (3kW) A useful tool for most maintenance requirements many production applications where bearings and items up to approximately 200mm (8") diameter and 90mm (3.5") width are fitted. For continuous heating operation, please contact our technical department.

Model 4 (4kW) With 200mm (8") width between the poles it offers room to heat several bearings at the same time or tubular components up to 190mm (7.5") long.

Model 8 (8kW) Satisfactorily heats bearings, couplings, etc, in sizes up to 610mm (24") diameter approximately.

Electric Current Consumption (amps)

Maximum current flows when heater has no suspension bar or item across the poles, the magnetic circuit being open. Current taken when heating a bearing or component will always be less than the maximum, being dependent on the dimensions of the suspension bar and the item being heated.
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