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Fossil Fuel

The burning of coal to produce electricity forms the main method in which Britain is powered. Fossil fuel electricity generators are concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution and retail of the power, with many companies owning the whole infrastructure. This capital intensive monopoly type structure results in a heavily regulated industry with price controls.

Fossil Fuels

Demand is driven by commercial, government and residential and is dependant on economy growth and population growth; however there are a number of other pressures including environmental demands to reduce carbon and the well known fact that fossil fuels are a finite resource.

Power generators need to maximise plant utilisation to minimise the cost of generation, maximising the profit of the plant. Generators need to keep costs to a minimum, especially as they need to sell their electricity to the national grid.

Reliability and efficiency of the existing capacity is now more critical than ever. Historically, as a single source contractor to the CEGB, ERIKS covered every power station in the UK. Now this knowledge, experience and understanding of the industry is available to today's power generation market.

ERIKS with our advanced stocking arrangement with manufacturers for key products including bearings, gaskets, valves and drives know we can deliver the products to keep you generating as efficiently as possible. Add to that our capability to condition monitor critical equipment helping you schedule maintenance rather than react to failures. In addition, ERIKS can assist you with your carbon capture projects and energy reduction needs through a variety of products and services to reduce your emissions, including flue gas desulferisation.

Whether you require a partner supplier or a manufacturer of bearings, drives components and gearboxes, we can ensure that you maximise your output and reliability, whilst minimising your costs, emissions and environmental impact.
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