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Field Coils

Field Coil for DC Stator

 Traction Motor Interpole coils

Field Coils are within DC stator carcase. We can produce Coils to suite the design of each machine and to improve their environmental protection with the application of our new specifications.

Manufactured to Insulation Temperature Class F/H. The range of insulations used on field coils will depend on the size and the requirements, operation conditions etc, We offer a wide range of field coils specifications, including our Vacuum Pressure Impregnated field coils.

When we have completed a set of field coils to our VPI Specification we can process the coils through our Vacuum Impregnating Plant and after final curing and testing, we can test the coils totally submerged in water, to prove their environmental resistance.

Interpole Coils

Interpoles are manufactured from a wide range of sizes of High Conductivity copper strip sections to suite a wide range of sizes and designs.

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