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Fenner Ultra Plus 150

The must-have solution for heavy duty applications and harsh environments, the FennerĀ® Ultra PLUS 150 has been designed and tested to deliver unbeatable strength, increased durability and service life, ultimate protection and maximum drive efficiency.

The load-bearing cords of the new belts are made from aramid fibres which possess immense strength. The high tensile modulus of these cords provide much greater power than standard wedge belts, with minimal stretch or elongation, offering the user a more compact drive solution or a much higher powered drive in the same space envelope.

The aramid cords are supported by a chloroprene rubber core. This material provides greater wear life than regular compounds and makes the belt more resistant to heat, oils and chemical exposure.

Finally, the belts are woven polyester-cotton fabric coated with chloroprene rubber. The innovative asymmetric weave pattern gives the FennerĀ® Ultra PLUS 150 greater bending flexibility, maintaining drive efficiency whilst protecting the internal working components of the belt.
Fenner UP140


Aramid cords are strong, flexible and provide 40% more power than standard wedge belts


Chloroprene rubber core supports the aramid cords, providing increased durability and better heat,oil and chemical resistance.

Why choose Fenner Ultra PLUS 150?

  • Greater reliability and working life

  • Energy efficient

  • Length stability - minimal stretch and elongation

  • Increased durability in harsh environments due to the asymmetric weave double jacket

  • Increased power ratings potentially reducing the number of belts required and grooves on a pulley

  • Fit and forget reliability

The ultimate solution in harsh environments

ForestrybulldozerPaper Mill

About Fenner Ultra PLUS 150

  • Sections: USPB and USPC

  • Length: 2800 - 10000mm

  • Polychloroprene rubber core and aramid cords provide excellent length stability, tensile strength and increased power transmission

  • Relative Power 150%

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