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Fenner Motors and Inverters


Do You Speak Fenner? Let's Torque Inverters and Motors!

The Fenner range of Inverters and Electric Motors offer simple, precise and powerful control, delivering the very best in performance and energy efficiency - time after time.

From initial product selection, through purchase, installation, operation and maintenance, you can rely on Fenner to deliver superb customer value underpinned by engineering excellence born of many decades' experience.

The reliability and quality of Fenner products is renown worldwide and forms the foundation on which our complete product range is constructed.

3 Simple Steps to Save...

...Save Energy
  • Fitting a Fenner QD Series inverter to a pump or fan application can deliver up to 50% energy savings through speed reduction;
  • At 98% efficiency, energy losses are market leading;
  • The built in energy optimisation feature continually lowers energy consumption regardless of application

...Save Money
  • With IP55 and IP66 versions available, no additional cabinet enclosure is required
  • Built-in RFI as standard on all models, ensuring no additional filter costs
  • Automatic load monitoring provides an early warning of potential faults, such as blocked filters or belt failures so protecting your plant and equipment

...Save Time
  • Built-in keypad and OLED text display offer intuitive operation
  • Simple parameter structure with carefully selected default values reduce commissioning time
  • Practical design allows easy access to power and control terminals without specialist tools
fenner motors

1 Simple Solution... Fenner Motors and Inverters

Combining Fenner QD inverters with Fenner Premium Efficiency IE3 motors delivers optimum performance, efficiency and value for money.

ERIKS are an Authorised Distributor of Fenner products. For further information on related products and services, please contact your local ERIKS representative or click here to find your local service centre.
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