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Fenner Friction Belts

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With over 150 years of Power Transmission experience and the widest range of friction belts on the market, how else can we help you improve productivity? By sharing our knowledge.

Do You Speak Fenner? Let's Torque Friction Belts!

70% of belt drives are estimated to be operating inefficiently and are in imminent danger of failing.

By taking a proactive stance to belt drive maintenance and looking at the condition of the belt and pulley set then you can bring both peace of mind and productivity improvements. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Check Your Pulley Condition

The drive stands or falls by the accuracy of its installation, so don't forget to check the condition of your pulleys - 50% of new belts are fitted to worn pulleys, which can waste up to 10% of your energy input.

The Fenner groove gauge can quickly help you assess the health of your pulleys. Request yours here.

2. Select the Correct Drive Solution

correct drive solution

fenner install correctly

3. Install Correctly

Correct installation once you have carefully selected your belt drive components is paramount to the longevity and efficiency of your belt drive. We are also able to offer you a range of installation tools to help you maximise the productivity and uptime.

Check the condition of your drives immediately and reap the rewards of improved productivity!
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