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Fall Protection

It goes without saying that people who work at heights or at depths must be protected from falls. Anywhere where there is a danger of falling, the primary concern must be for reliable equipment such as scaffolding, aerial platforms, safety nets, work platforms. If these collective preventative measures are not enough, then the employee must wear personal fall protection equipment. In addition, a thorough risk analysis should be conducted to determine which collective and/or personal safety measures need to be taken.

Good quality fall protection equipment is both comfortable to wear and leaves room for manoeuvre. A wide range of fall protection equipment and accessories are available, including harnesses, life lines, fall arresters, safety nets, grips, hooks, etc.

Included in our PPE Catalogue:
  • Harnesses/Work positioning belt
  • Safety Lines (Life Lines)
  • Anchor Points
  • Fall Prevention Devices
  • Rescue Hoist System
  • Accessories
  • Certification:
    The EN 365 standard requires manufacturers to emphasise the importance of regular inspections that serve to establish that the product is operating properly.

    EN Standards which apply to our range of products include:
    EN 341 Descenders
    EN 353-1 Guided type fall arresters rigid anchorage line and rails
    EN 353-2 Guided type fall arresters flexible anchorage line
    EN 355 Lanyards
    EN 358 Work positioning systems
    EN 361 Full body harness
    EN 795 Anchorage devices
    EN 813 Sit harness
    EN 1496 Hoisting equipment for rescue purposes
    EN 1497 Rescue belts
    EN 1498 Rescue Loops
    EN 1891 Low stretch kernmantel ropes

    Available from ERIKS
    tractel promast harness

    Promast Harness
    The Promast harness is designed to provide the user with a high degree of comfort when working in suspended positions, and thus allows extended-duration work in suspended positions.
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