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Eye and Face Protection

Our eyes are exposed to all sorts of dangers and risks in numerous circumstances at work. An accident in which the eyes come into contact with dust particles, fluid splashes, splinters, IR and UV rays, gases, and such like can have serious lasting consequences, and so, sound facial protection is absolutely essential.

The ergonomic aspect often plays a decisive role in the decision whether or not to wear safety goggles or eye protection in general. Workers often take more risks if the eyewear is uncomfortable to wear, paying sufficient attention to the comfort aspect of the correct eye protection makes it possible to avoid an accident.

Included in our PPE Catalogue are:
  • Safety spectacles
  • Goggles
  • Face screens
  • Welding shields
  • Accessories
  • PPE Face Protection logos

    All safety goggles and facial protective equipment are CE approved for the application according to the following EN Standards:

    Basic Standards
  • EN 166 Personal eye protection specifications
  • EN 167 Optical test methods
  • EN 168 Non optical test methods

    Standards for specific applications
  • EN 169 Filter for welding and related techniques
  • EN 170 Ultraviolet (UV) ray filters
  • EN 171 Infrared (IR) ray filters
  • EN 172 Sunglare filters for industrial use
  • EN 175 Equipment for eye and face protection during welding and allied processes
  • EN 207 Filters and safety goggle for laser beams
  • EN 208 Safety goggles for work with lasers and laser systems

    Make the Right Choice
    It is essential when choosing safety eyewear to take the following aspects into consideration:
  • The sort of risk (Mechanical, chemical, optical, thermal or ergonomic hazards).
  • The most suitable glass material (polycarbonate, CR39 plastic or toughened glass).

    Available from ERIKS
  • RX Optiflex Honeywell Sproggles
    RX Optiflex-G
    The RX Optiflex-G wide vision goggles offer the wearer better protection thanks to the wide coverage of the face, the adjustable headband and the superior impact resistance. The sophisticated indirect ventilation system reduces fogging to minimum, ensuring superb clarity, and the soft silicone casing ensures optimum comfort and protects against impact and chemical splashes. CE approved, EN 166 against splashes of chemical liquids, large dust particles, molten metal.

    RX Optiflex-B
    The RX Optiflex-B safety glasses adapt themselves without adjustments to the contours of the face providing a perfect fit due to the soft components for nose, ear and forehead). The polycarbonate lens complete with unique RX coatings has a brown lens to improve the adaptation of the eyes to variable lighting conditions, providing good colour recognition and are TSR compliant (Traffic Signal Recognition).
    Compliant with EN 166, EN 170 and EN 172 standards.

    Honeywell VX-7 Sproggle
    An innovative additional to the Honeywell range is the sproggle, which transforms from simple spectacles to goggles in a flash. Side-arms and straps are included and packed in a soft pouch.
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