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Energy Efficienct Drives

F7 Omron Inverter

Fenner#38;reg; Gearbox

  • Notwithstanding our obligations to try to ensure we manage our environment in a sustainable way. The ever increasing cost of fuel makes it even more important for all industries to try to reduce their consumption of energy.
  • There are many ways in which this can be achieved:
    • Can the load be reduced ?
    • Is the plant only running when necessary ?
    • Can the plant operate faster ?
    • Can waste be reduced ?
    • Are good maintenance practices in force ?
    • Is replace considered instead of repair ?
    • Is High Efficiency technology being used ?
  • ERIKS can offer help in all areas of energy reduction which can include:
    • Advice and Action on all types of Belt Drive
    • Conversion of Inefficient Gearboxes
    • Correct use of Lubricants
    • Compressed Air leakage surveys and solutions
    • Conversion of Pump and Fan drives to VSD control
    • Provision and advice on the use of SoftStarts
  • ERIKS have considerable experience in advising and implementing initiatives to reduce the energy consumption of many types of plant and equipment.

Energy Efficient Inverters

Danfoss Inverter

Flange Mounted Energy Efficient Motor

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