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Electrical Safety Devices from IRISS

What can we do?

The thermographer, when presented with the information below, has to draw on experience gained on similar equipment, unless he/she has previous images of the plant. This then relies on the experience of the thermographer and the knowledge of the site’s electrical engineer as it could be that the above issue was a natural phenomenon of the component.
Hidden components showing heat via a thermal image against a normal photo

How can better results be obtained?

• Use a better camera
• Use certified competent thermographers
• Do more surveys
• Create baseline data
• Enable better access to equipment

The ERIKS-IRISS Solution

ERIKS offer Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices manufactured by IRISS, Thermographic Windows and Delta T temperature Monitoring.

These two solutions go a long way to cover the short comings of the issues raised previously.

Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD)

Use of EMSDs such as infrared windows, ultrasound ports, voltage detection ports and online monitoring, allow energised electrical maintenance tasks to be completed while the switchgear enclosure remains closed. The IRISS family of EMSDs includes the world’s first industrial grade infrared windows. Infrared windows are capable of meeting OSHA’s NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 requirements for arc flash safety and are UL, cUL and CSA certified.
ESDM Electrical Maintenance Safety ProductsEngineer carrying out a Thermograohic Survey via an IR Window
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