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ERIKS Plant Room Services


Increasing reliability through reducing risk

The energy to succeed

Ensuring energy availability is critical for any facility - whether it's an office block, leisure centre, hospital or commercial operation. It's also a critical responsibility. Sharing that responsibility with ERIKS gives you more resources, experience and expertise, to help reduce the risks of unplanned failures - and increase predictability and reliability - for a successful energy supply.
Identifying potential points of failure is only the first step towards increasing plant room reliability. What's more important is to analyse the likelihood, severity and criticality of the potential failure, so that maintenance, repair or upgrade can be prioritised. ERIKS' experience makes this kind of analysis easy, and ERIKS' resources make the necessary solutions readily available.

Our resources are yours

ERIKS has no fewer than 26 workshops, 65 service centres and 9 Product Business Units, offering technical expertise at the highest level, and extensive resources to respond to customer needs quickly, efficiently and effectively.

This breadth and flexibility of resource also makes it possible to provide you with the most appropriate solution - whether that's repair or replace - from the most appropriate manufacturer.

Going further

With planned maintenance and ongoing monitoring in place, ERIKS can help you to decide on the steps to take to: further reduce the risk of unplanned failure, and identify performance, reliability and cost base improvements through repairs, replacements, and increase energy-efficiency through system redesigns and upgrades.

We can also help you to increase energy efficiency through system redesigns and upgrades whilst minimising downtime through a spares management review.

Use our energy

We have the energy, know-how and passion for technology to make your plant room the most efficient and effective it can be.

Contact us now for an initial QuickScan to review your reliability, cost base and confidence in your current systems, and to discover how we have achieved £Millions in cost-savings for customers.

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