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Conveyor Belting

Conveyor Flat Belting

ERIKS has a comprehensive range of over 190 different types of flat belting manufactured in a variety of fabrics that are combined with thermoplastic, silicon or rubber coatings. Belts are available with flights, sidewalls, guides and edge sealing. This means we have belts to cover almost any application.

ERIKS also offers a range of specialist conveyor belts. For food handling special belts including anti-microbial and non-fray belts complying with UK and EU food safety regulations are available. Flame retardant (self extinguishing) belting to ISO 340 standard is also available for applications where fire is a particular risk. For non-slip and incline conveyors we supply a range of grip top finishes.

Belt fitting is provided by fully skilled personnel who are completely aware of and understand their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act and COSHH regulations. They also carry out work with full contractor's liability insurance.
Conveyor Curved Belts

For Drive and Transfer belting ERIKS offer an extensive range of over 140 types of drive and transfer belting to meet your requirements cost effectively. Using polyamide cores, the belts are laminated with covering materials including textured nitrile rubber, elastomer, impregnated fabrics or chrome leather, to suit the application.
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