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Armature Coils

Kapton Covered Traction Armature Coils

Armature Coils play a very important part within Electrical Plant and armature coil are involved in many different activities through out the world, from Generation, Mining, Traction, Dredging, and many more.

The variation in armature coil design is considerable, as are the range of Insulation Specifications and the materials used in armature coil manufacture. Our range of Armature Coil Specifications covers Insulation Temperatures F&H, we can produce wave and lap forms of any size on request and can provide split turn coils, and coil turn transpositions as required.

Picture of Windings on Armature Coils

Armature Coil Insulation

Our range of Insulations used in the manufacture of Armature Coils includes an Insulation designed specically for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation to Class H, and produces a total homogeneous resinous mica system when fully cured and is impervious to moisture and is suited to machines operating in severe environmental conditions.

We use a wide range of insulations to meet the requirement of armature coil design and operational needs, these include Kapton, Nomex, Mica of various types, polyester felts and fleeces and a wide range of glass laminated products. We can supply our Armature Coil customers with a complete range of Insulation Materials to complete an armature winding.

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