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The global recession has taken a severe toll on the aerospace industry, and most sectors are still struggling to recover from the hit.

Like so many others, the aerospace industry saw the bottom fall out of its sales and revenues during the last quarter of 2009. In addition air travel providers have had to deal with sometimes unpredictable weather conditions like the ash cloud in 2010. This coupled with the continued stringent regulations regarding air safety ensure that the industry remains challenged from all angles.

The prospects for aerospace will vary from sector to sector, with defense looking healthiest in the short term and commercial aviation most tenuous. But across the board, industry officials believe they are in a strong position to emerge from the downturn successfully - provided they embrace necessary efficiencies and make the right adjustments to the market.

In addition aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers and users are faced with specific product needs. Products need to be reliable, lightweight, low friction and able to withstand harsh environments. A manufacturer in need of a bearing for instance, would need a bearing built specifically to a set of standards. This is where ERIKS comes in, our partners are leaders in their fields with a range of products to suit your needs, saving you time and money through our expert procurement. Where these products don't exist, ERIKS is committed with working with our customers to develop the solution.

From aircraft parts manufacturers to aircraft builders, airports and infrastructure, ERIKS has the know how to make a difference. As a product supply partner, maintenance supplier or integrated on site solution provider we have the products you need for operation, that will reduce energy costs and meet regulations. ERIKS is committed to working with customers to ensure their cost reduction needs are met.

Take a look at one of our case studies to see how we have made a difference for other organisations in the aerospace industry.
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